WELCOME to Beckley Furnace!

Welcome to Beckley Furnace, Connecticut’s Industrial Monument!

We’re glad you’ve decided to visit our site!

Whether you’re here for educational or research purposes, or if you are just curious about Beckley Furnace, or if you’d just like to enjoy our park-like setting, you are welcome.  We hope we can offer you some material that you’ll find interesting.

Welcome to Beckley Furnace!

To see our recent posts either scroll to the bottom or look at the sidebar to the left. Also make sure to check out the Connections to Learning page if you’re a student or a teacher.  The References page has lots of sources for more information about Beckley Furnace.  For the history of Beckley Furnace itself, please check the About page.


Want to visit us?  The grounds are open year round during daylight hours, and we have knowledgeable guides on site Saturdays from 10 AM – 2 PM in the summer months.

Be sure to watch our welcome video!

Welcome to Beckley Furnace  on Vimeo.

Beckley Furnace, Connecticut’s only designated Industrial Monument, is the centerpiece of the Upper Housatonic Valley’s Iron Heritage Trail. Starting in the fall of 2013, two Girl Scouts named Eleanore and Helen visited Beckley and decided that while it was definitely interesting, it could be a lot more appealing to younger visitors, so, to earn their Girl Scout Silver Awards, they set forth on a path that included replacing the antique Beckley Furnace website with a new one written in WordPress.  They also started creating new material about Beckley Furnace and the historic iron industry of the Upper Housatonic Valley for it.

This “Welcome” video, completed in August 2014, is a significant part of the new website. We hope you enjoy it!

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