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Some useful links about Beckley Furnace and the Iron Industry

We’re always delighted to discover that other websites think enough of Beckley Furnace to write about us, or to provide links to our website.  So, here are some useful links about Beckley Furnace and the Iron Industry for those interested in pursuing them beyond this website.  In most cases, these sites have considerable worthwhile information if you are interested in Beckley Furnace, or the iron industry, or the beautiful Northwest Corner of Connecticut, where we’re located. We also suggest that you visit our “References” page for some other websites with useful (but more specialized) information about Beckley Furnace and the iron industry.

While we update this website frequently, there’s occasionally more up-to-date information elsewhere, and we dwould not want you to miss that.

We’re a CT State Park, so this link is really ours too:


Next, take a look at Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP)’s page about Beckley Furnace!

We’re a very active member of Housatonic Heritage, our National Heritage Area


Be sure to spend some time at Housatonic Heritage!  They are our local National Heritage Area.  In fact, Beckley Furnace is the keystone to the Housatonic Heritage Iron Heritage Trail!

“The Secret Corner” is what the tourism folks call us

Discover NW CT - the Secret Corner

We encourage you to visit their site!  There is plenty going on in Northwestern Connecticut regardless of the season, and these people know about most of it.

ConnecticutHistory.org is a program of CTHumanities


…and, not surprisingly, they have a page about Beckley Furnace!  Have a look at it — and check out the neighbors, too!

The Connecticut Office of Tourism knows about us …


…but you would expect that, wouldn’t you?  Have a look at their page about Beckley Furnace!



Frequently bloggers, reporters, and developers of websites of interesting attractions to visit come to Beckley.  Here’s a sampling of some recent blog posts and reviews you may enjoy: