We appreciate your help!

As you know, there’s no admission charge at Beckley.  And there’s no charge for our knowledgeable guides, either.  Our volunteers are terrific!

However, like all not for profit organizations, we do have expenses.  The Friends of Beckley Furnace pay our Summer Interns, pay for site maintenance such as grass mowing, continue to expand the exhibits on the site, publish the “Iron Heritage Trail” brochure, sponsor educational seminars for area teachers to help them make local history more relevant to their classes, expand descriptive signage (and occasionally replace the signs), pay for this website, for electricity for the Barnum & Richardson Study Center (as well as all the other expenses a building entails), and continue to maintain the other historic building on the site.  All of this costs money, as you might imagine.

Although we hate to ask, we do need to tell you that contributions in any amount are very much appreciated.  They help us continue our work in preserving, researching, maintaining, developing, and interpreting this historic site, and supporting both historic preservation and education.

Donations by check can be set to  


PO BOX 383


Or donate online: 

All donations are tax deductible in accordance with applicable law.