New Beckley Furnace Video

Theodore Perotti, a promising local filmmaker, has just provided us with a great new video he made introducing people to Beckley Furnace.  Take a look!

In this video you will see some of our most knowledgeable people giving you a glimpse into how Beckley Furnace worked. You’ll learn a little bit of history, a little bit of chemistry, and a little about the Beckley Furnace site itself.

(Special thanks to Ted, of course!  And thanks as well to Dick Paddock and Ed Kirby, whom you’ll see in the video.)

Long Range Plan and Progress

A long-range planning committee has been created at Beckley Furnace! The committee has had one meeting and already there are new ideas being considered. One of them is an animated diorama of the site. In this context, “animated” means we will have lights and moving characters. A video projection to show how the site was a part of the iron industry in the upper Housatonic Valley is also being considered. The board will be considering these ideas at their meeting on August 14th.

In other news, school kids from Lake Oswego, Oregon have enjoyed the welcome video from this site, which shows that our goals of this being in schools is slowly starting to work.

Look for more progress coming soon at Beckley Furnace!