A few photos….


Well, few will be surprised to learn that this is the Beckley Furnace sign!

Some signs that aren’t signs yet!



We’re proud of the instructional signage at Beckley.  Our experts have spend many hours summarizing what they know into easy to read, easy to understand signs that you’ll find around the site.  The two items above are even more instructive.  They’re currently being finalized, but soon they will be in permanent form, mounted on the sides of the new building displaying the turbine.  From the signs you’ll be about about how water power was utilized to power the blast at Beckley, and a good bit about how turbines work in general.  They will be well worth spending some time with once they are in place.

The new turbine enclosure


Above is a picture of the new turbine house as seen from Lower Road.  It’s tucked into the hillside, just below the dam, and it’s accessible from either the office building or the parking area next to the furnace.


And this is the turbine — subsequent to conservation/restoration — but before the building went up around it.

Outside the furnace


This photo was taken during one of our most recent Blackberry River Walks.

We’re still planning the best ways we can bring photos and other graphics to this website in ways that you might prefer.  Let us know how you’d like to see photos displayed!