Director Staffing at Beckley Furnace for 2014

Summer Staffing by Directors

Beckley Furnace is staffed by knowledgeable personnel on Saturday mornings during the summer months, when we see most of our visitors. 

We try to ensure that there will be at least one member of the Friends of Beckley Furnace board of directors — and, when possible, two or more — on site at these times.  This helps us keep in close contact with our visitors, and also provides our visitors with direct contact with experts in various aspects of the historic operation of the Salisbury Iron industry.

The table below provides the Saturday mornings when we will be staffed in 2014 and the names of the directors who will be on site that day. 



Dick Paddock and will be present each Saturday; Intern ( and board member) Chris Allyn will be present each Saturday through August 23; Ed Kirby will be part time most Saturdays.  From September 6 through October 11 staffing will be announced on our Facebook page when available.

Cliff Waldo will act as a substitute if something comes up on your scheduled Saturday.



May 31 – Walt Michaels

June 7 –  Geoff Brown

June 14 – Ian McCunn

June 21 – Bob Anderson

June 28 – Fred Warner

July 5 –  Mike Clark

July 12 –  All: Dedication of the turbine site.

July 19 – Geoff Brown

July 26 –  Tony Cantele

August 2 –  Bob Anderson

August 9 –  Ed Kirby

August 16 –  Ian McCunn

August 23 – Tony Cantele

August 30 –  Walt Michaels

The Friends of Beckley Furnace look forward to welcoming you to Beckley Furnace, Connecticut’s designated Industrial Monument!


2 thoughts on “Director Staffing at Beckley Furnace for 2014

  • August 1, 2014 at 8:02 am

    2014 Saturday Director’s sight does not open for me. I am a member of FOBF and am scheduled for a Saturday in August. Please advise. Thank you for a splendid WEB page.

  • August 1, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Whoops !!! It opened. Sorry about that. I guess patience is virtue.


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